Government of India



Border Security Force was constantly getting inputs regarding smuggling of heroin from across the border.  Accordingly BSF troops on PB border were alerted and  the security measures were enhanced to thwart efforts by Pak based ANEs.


On the intervening night of 17/18th Aug’2009, the Pakistan smugglers taking advantage of high Sarkanda growth crossed over the IB opposite BP No. 31/5-6 and came stealthily near Border Security Fence in area of BOP Boharwadala.  They managed to push the consignment of heroin through the fencing.  As the Indian smugglers approached near the Border Security Fence to collect the consignment, they were noticed and challenged by BSF troops. On being challenged, the smugglers fled taking advantage of standing crops, dense mist (fog) and darkness.


BSF party carried out thorough search of the area, resultantly 25 Pkts of heroin weighing 01 Kg each recovered near Border Security Fence opposite BP No. 31/5-6.  The value of seized heroin is appx-Rs 125 Crore  in the International market.


BSF was constantly getting inputs regarding smuggling of Heroin from specific area. The inputs were further developed and based on Intelligence, troops of 30 Bn BSF,  were alerted in area of Border Out Post SS Wala.

In the morning of 5th Jan 2009, a special search operation was conducted with mobilization of troops ahead of Border Security Fence in the area of Border Out Post S S Wala. During the operation, the area was thoroughly searched by BSF party and recovered 14 packets of Heroin (one Kg each) and four watches concealed in a tube hidden under a tree  near International boundary ahead of fence.  The consignment was concealed by Pakistan smugglers and was to be cleared by their Indian accomplices by adopting conceal and clear methods.

The area opposite to Punjab border with Pakistan is always under threat of exploitation by narcotic smugglers. However, the alertness of BSF troops has always been an impediment to the attempts of trans-national smugglers. The enhanced vigil of BSF Field Units has repeatedly thwarted attempt of smugglers to smuggle Heroin into India. 

This is consecutive seizure by the BSF in recent days. On 29th Dec 2008, BSF succeeded in seizing 06 Kg of Heroin from BOP DT Mal, Ferozpur Sector. So far BSF has seized 115 Kgs of Heroin from International boundary of Punjab with Pakistan since January 2008.